Not sure where to begin or how to start? Fear not we have you covered. Below are some resources as well as advice and tips from last year’s winners!

Last Year's Winners Tips

Antoine Nguyen - from the University of Western Australia and a member of the winning GMCC team from 2017 have a few things to recommend as the basis of their success.

1. Choose your team wisely

You will be spending a LOT of time with these people, not only should your team be diverse in skill set, but have the ability to gel and put up with each other for long periods of time.

2. Timeline your workload

It will evolve into a night time slug fest as we our best sessions were when all members where there. From the four days leading to the first deadline, we were able to log over 25 hours of group meetings.

3. Be efficient as a team

Split up the case into a number of different modules to be completed in different stages. We took the time to plan this in our first meeting and to have 2 people on each model to have a cross referencing stand point for all our pieces.

4. You can't have microfinance without 'finance'

We found that our financial model was our strongest and most compelling argument in the case as it differentiated us from the rest. A strong and justified financial model was seriously beneficial and coupled our research and recommendations.

5. Practice!!

3 of the 4 members in our team (me included) unequivocally hate public speaking. Having practiced over and over to the point that we know the other three parts is key if you are spooked by a crowd. Be excited not nervous, they are the same feeling.                                                          

Previous Winners Tips